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We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experience with Hospice of the Valley. Personal stories are the best way to learn how hospice and palliative care can make a difference.

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Frank Maresso

“My medical care has improved dramatically. Before, I was really afraid to leave the house to go to the doctor, so I was resistant. Now people come to me and I’m much better. It’s so reassuring.”

Vida Hatch

“Living to ‘old age’ in a not-quite-perfect world, it’s refreshing to deal with people who have been so kind and knowledgeable and helpful. If you didn’t have people who were pure to the core and could understand it wouldn’t work! From my first phone call, I was comforted. And quickly they sent us help.’’

Susie Coyle

“I was going to 15 different doctors, running all over the place, in and out of the emergency room. Now the quality of my life is so much better.”

Charles "Chris" Christy

"The team is trying to make me comfortable in more ways than just medical … If I feel down, they’re here to give me advice. If I have a problem, they help me work it out."